Dynamic Traffic

Dynamic Traffic, LLC provides transportation planning services across the United States of America. Ranging from Traffic Impact Studies for private development clients to large scale Transportation Planning Services. For public agencies, our design capabilities include intersection improvements, roadway widening and traffic signal and electrical plan design. Dynamic Traffic’s clients include Fortune 500 firms, retailers, banking, residential developers, retail developers along with public agencies providing transportation planning and design services. Our strengths lie in the relationships we have forged over numerous years of working in both the private and public sectors, which has helped our clients navigate the complex landscape of obtaining project approvals.

Dynamic Traffic, LLC consists of a team of licensed professionals with almost 100 years of experience in obtaining land development approvals in numerous municipalities, counties and states. Communication with the client, municipality, and the other jurisdictional agencies is critical to the success of a project. Dynamic Traffic, LLC will ensure complete communication with the client and diligent follow up and correspondence with the review agencies.

Our unique attention to customer service and client satisfaction will help you meet your project objectives. Our focus on providing traffic engineering services at a superior value will also help to ensure your project is successful and within your budget.

Transportation and Transit Planning

  • Complete Streets Planning and Design
  • Traffic Calming Planning and Design
  • Community Meetings and Public Involvement
  • Stakeholder Consensus Building
  • Circulation Master Plans
  • Large Scale Event Planning
  • Corridor Design
  • Streetscape Design

Highways and Streets

  • Intersection and Roundabout Design
  • Highway/Roadway Widening and Frontage Improvements
  • Local Road/Context Sensitive Design
  • Traffic Signal Design and Certification
  • Crosswalk Design
  • Accessibility Design and Certification (ADA/PROWAG)
  • Pavement Marking Design and Implementation
  • Traffic Control, Maintenance and Protection of Traffic
  • Construction Staging Plans

Signals and ITS

  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Pedestrian Crossing Evaluation and Design
  • Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Design
  • Enhanced Crosswalks (RRFBs, Beacons)
  • Traffic Signal Operations and Capacity Analysis
  • Corridor Progression Analysis

Traffic and Parking

  • Traffic Impact Studies and Assessments
  • Traffic Congestion Evaluation
  • Parking Studies
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Local Planning/Zoning Board Expert Testimony
  • Traffic Impact Fee Evaluation
  • Site Circulation
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Counts
  • Speed Studies
  • Traffic Simulations

Permitting Services

  • Driveway Access Permits
  • Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP)
  • Road Opening Permits
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Jurisdiction Highway Permitting
  • Utility Opening Permits